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San Francisco Neighbourhoods


North Beach

Listings: 15 Avg. Price: $890,000


The Castro

Listings: 19 Avg. Price: $565,000


Russian Hill

Listings: 24 Avg. Price: $720,000


Nob Hill

Listings: 12 Avg. Price: $970,000



Listings: 16 Avg. Price: $635,000


Glen Park

Listings: 5 Avg. Price: $550,000


Anita Tonetti (386)697-3780 anitatonettirealtor@yahoo.com
  • Agent
Just make a call to any real estate office in North Florida and ask for the girl from Brooklyn and you will automatically be directed to me. Being ...
Coming soon
  • Agent
Coming from a real-estate family helped Tanya understand from a young age, the anxieties experienced by buyers and sellers in choosing just the rig...
Ginger Parker (386)365-2135 ginbud1@comcast.net
  • Top Seller
  • Agent
Thirty-five years ago, Ginger Parker obtained her real estate license and used it working for the Department of Transportation writing legal descri...
Kay Priest (386)365-8888 kaypriest888@gmail.com
  • Agent
Janet Creel (386)719-0382 janetlcreel@comcast.net (1)
  • Top Seller
  • Agent
Janet is one of the founding Brokers of Hallmark Real Estate. With over 40 years of experience in the North Florida area, she has assisted buyers a...
Angel Rogers (386) 288-9383 arogersrealtor@gmail.com
  • Agent
Angel has made the NCFL area her home since 1998, having moved from Charlotte, NC. Angel is married with 3 adult stepchildren and one son and three...
  • Top Seller
  • Agent
She started in the Real Estate Industry as a Secretary here at Hallmark Real Estate in 2005, before deciding to pursue and obtain her Real Estate L...
  • Top Seller
  • Agent
I love working and meeting new people. Born and raised in Lake City, my passion is to be kind and helpful to everyone I come in contact with. From ...
  • Top Seller
  • Agent
  • Broker
Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell your home, Koby is your agent! Because the real estate market is unique, it’s important to choose a re...


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John Demarko

Using their service was a triple win: The website was easy to use, the way we set up home tours was efficient, and we even got money back at the end.

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Margo Leffer

Our Agent had an entire team working with him so someone was always available when we needed them. I can’t imagine buying a home any other way.

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Clay Paterson

Our Agent really knocked it out of the ballpark, selling our house above the asking price. The commission savings was just an added bonus.


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